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Jewels with a Purpose: Exploring the Philanthropic Side of Adelaide Brand - Tracey at Inesce

Jewels with a Purpose: Exploring the Philanthropic Side of Adelaide Brand - Tracey at Inesce

Tell us about your jewellery business in Adelaide. How did it all start? What was your career before Inesce?
In 2019, before diving into the world of jewellery design and launching my business, I was juggling multiple roles as a mom, partner, and primary school teacher. Life was a whirlwind, and I felt completely overwhelmed. But in those darker moments, I decided to pause and listen to my intuition, to trust that inner voice guiding me. It was a pivotal moment that led me to leave behind my career and an unhappy relationship.

I soon realised that creativity was missing from my life. So I poured my heart and soul into sketching jewellery that served as symbols of personal growth and transformation. Those sketches are brought to life by my team of silver artisans and stone-cutters in India, and in Nov 2022 I launched my first business, Inesce. The name originates from the word luminesce, to emit light.


You recently engaged in a charity partnership with Inesce -  why this is close to your heart?
Yes, we have recently announced that Inesce will donate $1 to the Australian Refugee Association (ARA) from each jewellery order. Having spent 16 years teaching English to refugee and migrant students, I've seen firsthand the amazing work that ARA do in providing settlement support and community integration. From homework support, counselling, and employment facilities ARA's goal is to ensure newly arrived refugees have access to opportunities in Australia.


Can you walk us through your design process? Where do you find inspiration for your jewellery?
My design process always begins from a spark of inspiration - a colour, a shape, a memory. My first collection was born from personal transformation, which is the reason I feel so connected to the Rainbow Moonstone, as it symbolises and supports those exiting one and enter a new chapter in life.


How do you want people to feel when wearing your jewellery?
I feel completely dedicated to designing pieces that allow the wearer to be their authentic self. I want them to put a pair of Moonstone studs in and be reminded of where they have come from and celebrate their unique path. I own many tokens of my travels, most of which are pieces of silver jewellery and each one has a story to tell. I hope my pieces serve others to honour the journey they are on in this life.



Tell us about your favourite travel destinations and how they inspire your jewellery designs.
You know, when you feel like there's something missing in your life, you start searching for it. And for me, that search began in my early 20s, and guess what? I found it through travel. See, my family has always been big on traveling, but it was India that truly stole my heart. There's something about that place that just breathes life into me and makes me feel whole. It's hard to put into words, but everything about it, from the food to the vibrant colours, the sounds, and the incredible architecture, it all just connects with me on a deep level. Every time I go back, it feels like coming home.



How has being a mum influenced your approach to designing and running your business?
Despite knowing that I love designing and running Inesce, the path has not been easy, smooth, nor linear. Previous to launching, I truly had no concept of just how much there was to learn. It’s not as simple as design some jewellery and sell it. There are so many new skills to learn, from setting up and optimising a website, ensuring photography is of a high quality to navigating the world of social media. My life lessons in this chapter are most certainly patience, time management and learning the art of carving out time between school drop-offs and pick-ups.


Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you're excited about?
Yes, I am thrilled to announce that my first collection of Moonstone Rings are now available online. There are four stunning Sterling Silver rings, each designed to showcase the ethereal faceted Rainbow Moonstone. Perfect for stacking, these rings have been flying off the market stall tables in Adelaide, and I’m excited to see their beauty spread throughout Australia. See here


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